After Dan Graham @ Toronto New Wave Festival 2019

We’re super excited to announce that After Dan Graham will be shown as part of the Toronto New Wave Festival. This year, the Toronto New Wave Festival will take place at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. E) on August 23, 2019. The Toronto New Wave Festival is a new, exciting festival providing a platform for […]

Dev Journal – Experiments with a depth camera

After ISEA 2019, I was particularly inspired by the way that depth cameras are being employed in creative practices. So, now that I’m back, I’ve started to play around with the ZED camera. Ideally, I’d like to explore the possibility of using 2 or 3 ZED cameras to grab real-time point-clouds of both the VR […]

After Dan Graham @ ISEA 2019 – Gwangju, South Korea

So I just got back from ISEA 2019 in Gwangju, South Korea where I presented a paper titled “After Dan Graham: An Archaeological Approach to Virtual Reality Art.” ISEA is such an amazing conference. I met a ton of curators, artists, scholars and media art enthusiasts. It was really inspiring to be surrounded by so […]

Dev Journal – Bruce Nauman’s Live-Taped Video Corridor

We’ve started working on re-creating Bruce Nauman’s 1970 closed-circuit video installation, “Live-Taped Video Corridor“. Our plan is to put out a VR experience for the Oculus Quest that will feature a bunch of re-creations of seminal, closed-circuit video installations from the 60s and 70s. Nauman, along with Dan Graham, Peter Campus and Bill Viola, were […]