About Friend Generator

Friend Generator is the name under which David Han publishes his immersive media artwork. Sometimes, the work is just David. Sometimes, it’s in collaboration with others, such as Aidan Waite. Regardless of who is behind the work, it is always in the spirit of creating strange and playful media art experiences that are evocative, and sometimes absurd, but are always guaranteed to push boundaries in unexpected ways.


David Han is a media artist, scholar and educator whose work employs emerging technology to explore the boundaries between computation, cinema and immersive media. His current practice employs a structuralist approach to explore the affective potential of virtual reality (VR) and aims to understand and expand the range of possibilities for creative practice in VR.


Aidan Waite is a mobile app and game developer who creates novel player experiences through collaboration, experimentation and iteration. He aims to create games by embracing constraints, taking risks, and challenging player assumptions about what constitutes a game.