Aidan has been hard at work porting ‘After Dan Graham’ to the Oculus Quest. In all likelihood, the Quest build will be an entirely different project from ‘After Dan Graham’, as there is currently no easy way to track the body (feet and waist) on the Quest. That said, we’re working hard on keeping the same mechanic from our award-winning VR experience to build something unique and fun for the Quest.

As part of the work, Aidan has built a customized developer menu accessible from the controllers that exposes many of the settings to the users so that we can tweak setting inside the headset.

A short video showing the view inside the Quest headset with the developer menu. The IK system seems to be OK even without tracking the feet and waist.
Aidan experimented with changing the avatar model. It seems to be working fairly well, although some options needed to be added to the developer model that allow the user to tweak the model settings. He’s also added the option for each replay to be a different colour.

We’re super excited to keep pushing the Quest development and see where it takes us. Hopefully by December, we’ll have a version of a Quest build we’ll be able to share with the VR community! Write to us at (friendgener8or [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’d like to be an early tester!